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With compliance departments now running most firms, who you move your practice “to” is more important than ever.

Recently I spoke with a firm in America’s heartland who had 150 advisors and 9 full-time and one part-time staffer. Sadly, three of the full-time and the part timer were dedicated to compliance. That’s 37% of the staff being vectored toward regulatory oversight.

Also known as a firm’s “business prevention unit”, such compliance personnel, who may have never been an advisor themselves, somehow know what’s best for your client – even better than you!

Where regulation is most certainly needed, most advisors want a reasonable regulatory environment in which to serve their clients.

It’s not just about the money which many firms are willing to cast at your feet (mostly in the form of forgivable loans). While It’s nice to get some upfront consideration, you don’t want a good “short game” without considering the “long”.

Transitioning between firms is a lot of work. Make sure it’s worth the effort. Good firms will have staff experienced in transitioning your clients.

Whether you desire to “move” or “monetize” your practice, we most certainly can assist you. We are not “matchmakers”, but industry tested, as our Executive Director maintained his book for over 35 years.

Owning a BD, and being a member in “good standing” of a US regional exchange, and host of America’s longest running financial broadcast, his experienced credentials have given him the skill set you should depend upon. Such real life experience is the foundation of our firm and what you deserve.

We know what you want, because we’ve walked in your shoes!

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