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Finding quality advisors can be challenging. As the regulatory a  environment toughens, and their hunger for fines increases, it’s becoming easier for good advisors to get dinged.

We make an effort to triage our candidates according to your internal requirements and expectations. Clean production is what most firms strive to attract. While some firms are more critical than others, many understand minor customer complaints.

Our Executive Director certainly knows the industry challenges. In personal production for 35 years, host of America’s longest running financial broadcast, and owner of a BD for 11 years as a member in good standing with a regional stock exchange, the creed of our staffing practice has been based upon this robust supply of real life experience.

Once you register to gain access to our candidates, you may pick and choose who you would like to take to the next level of examination.

If your firm specializes in any certain area, say; alternatives, 1031 and 1033 transfers… or, has an expansive marketing assistance program… whatever your strong suit, please let us know, so as to better attract like-minded producers.

Please complete our BD/RIA questionnaire and sign our placement agreement so we can unlock suitable candidates to grow your company right away

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